Overview of Dashboard 360


In this era of cut throat competition, businesses and organisations are doing the most best in order to survive and thrive. For businesses or and organisations to be successful in this age there are some things that need to be duly taken care of when it comes to managing a business. Something as ordinary as Lead Management, employee management, sales order management, customer relationship management, etc are some of the things that require due diligence and attention by Business owners and Proprietors.


People may feel that the process that they are following is in the best interest when it comes to running a company, it happens that companies do not get the expected results when it comes to properly managing a business. This can happen due to a variety of factors such as improper management, lack of proper knowledge, inefficient processes, are some of the things that can hamper the growth and scalability of a company, be it in any sector. 


In order to ensure that growth and sustainability comes to companies in a uniform format, there are some things that need to be taken care of right from the start.


Here are all the following things that companies and organisations need to pay special attention to, when it comes to running a company with proper efficiency and effectiveness:


Employee attendance management

As we all know that employees are an asset to an organisation. It is rightly said that any company functions because of the strong pillar of support provided by the employees. for any company to prosper the pillars of the company must be strong. And that means employees need to function with peak efficiency as well as productivity.


In order to ensure that employees put their best effort forward running the company with peak efficiency, employees must be motivated and handled properly. An employee attendance management system can make employees aware of their performance and effort that they put during work. This can help the organisation or the company to boost its overall performance, by just doing subtle things such as managing employees and boasting their morals. 


 An employee attendance management system can be of immense help to supervisors and Bosses as it helps them to keep a track of the employees performance as well as evaluate them and analyse them from time to time.


Lead management

 Lead management is the most important aspect for a company or organisation. a company can only thrive and grow, if they are able to bag in sales in the most efficient way possible. As this helps them to increase the revenue prospects and provide value to customers and clients. properly mid management is key to proper functioning of any company. 


For a product or service based company, this lead management becomes a highly important aspect of running and functioning for a company. This can be done when the company uses a kind of Lead Management System that helps them to keep a track of all the leads as well as analyse and provide critical data that helps them to convert each and every lead into a prospective customer. Lead management systems suggest field force connect helps to monitor the leads as well as provide them with services and products that provide value to them. 


This can be done in the most efficient way possible by helping the customers solve their real life problems and provide efficient solutions in doing so. 


Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is the key to success for any and all organisations. it helps organisations and companies to track and analyse the behaviour of the prospective customers as well as help them get valuable solutions in return. Customer relationship management systems such as field force connect helps provide critical Analytics to companies as it helps them to track and analyse the subtle behaviour of the customer. 


This can be then used to provide them with valuable products and services that help the customers solve their real life problems, thus helping them to get on with their lives. 


 Customer Relationship Management is an essential tool in the hands of any company as it helps them to regularly analyse and track the customer behaviour at every step of interaction that a customer takes. Regular analysis provides them with valuable feedback that can be then used to provide valuable products to the customer.


Paperless forms

In this digital age everything is becoming Technology oriented, it becomes essential for companies and organisations to use Technology that help them get fruitful results. For any company who is into selling products and services, they need to gather and acquire data from customers. 


Even still the opportunities that are provided by technology, companies are still dependent on Legacy methods of collecting and analysing data which results in too many inefficiencies resulting in process. This is best avoided by using state-of-the-art Technology together and acquiring data that are related to customers and consumers. 


Field Force Connect provides a paperless way of collecting data from prospective customers and leads that has them gather insights into what the customer is looking for. This can be done by using paperless forms also known as online digital forms that help companies and organisations collect valuable data from customers, and have them recorded in the system.


Staff Roster Management

 If you are running a company that requires regular shifts for employees and staff members then the Staff Roster Management would be of immense help and beneficial to you. Staff roster management is a way of properly organising and management of regular work shifts that helps employees do their work for the day. 


With field force connect, you will not only be able to manage your Staff Roster plan, but also be able to get our analytics out of it. with features such as dashboard 360, task management, tough work plan management, you will be able to get the best out of your employees or field people when it comes to work related things.


Task Management system

Field force connect also provides you with a proper task management system that helps your employees to manage their daily tasks when it comes to their job. Task management is key for the proper functioning opener company or business. 


With detailed Analytics and dashboards that lets you deep dive into all areas of your task, you will be in a better position to manage your employee staff as well as enable them to perform better at their job.


Sales Order management

 If you are a product or service based company, then you will know how important it is for your sales order management software to function properly and efficiently. 


Management of leads and sales for your products and services helps you to better analyse and predict your customer behaviour and will provide them with valuable products and services that they are looking for. 


With features like detailed dashboards and customer analytics, you are able to predict the every move that your customer makes, helping you to accurately predict when a sale is bound to happen.


In order for the efficient management of leads, customers and other details, we have introduced state-of-the-art Dashboard 360 feature in Field force connect that enables you to do the following


  • Keep a tab of leads entered into the system

This feature allows you to see the past activity of all of the leads and segregate them with various parameters such as weekly monthly, or custom date range. See the pipeline position for all of the customer leads into the system, thus enabling you to have a birds eye view of all of the activities that have happened for the leads or prospective customers.

  • Follow up on activities of the customers

With this feature you will be able to check and keep a track of all of the activities that your marketing team performs on the customer, such as follow up with them, see the sales position for your customers, how much products has he brought, was he satisfied with them, get all the details with regards to the sales done for the products, and so much more.

  • Manage all your task responsibilities easily

Dashboard 360 also enables you to manage and monitor all of your tasks and responsibilities in one go, easy from the view of the dashboard, you will be able to set up deadlines for the tasks, check the tasks status, update your team for the tasks, and monitor the progress.


  1.  The list for the functions that DashBoard 360 allows you to do is just innumerable. You will have to do so many things with the help of dashboard 360. This is a new addition to the already acclaimed field force connect that even helps you to take your sales order, task and lead management as well as customer management to a different level altogether.


Here are the list of features that Dashboard 360 supports:

  • User Driven
  • Customer driven


User driven approach will show the objectives that are fixed to company employees.

For example, all the things that the user handles with respective to the employee are shown in the User Driven feature.


  1. Top 5 Absentees: Shows the number of absences for employees. As a manager, you will be having certain protocols to be followed with respect to the employees. This shows you the total amount of absent days that the employees has taken as a part of their leaves or unplanned absence in the company
  2. Top 5 half days: Shows the amount of half days taken by the employees reporting to you as a manager.
  3. Top 5 Extra days: Shows the amount of days when your employees worked extra hours or days for.
  4. Top 5 Planned Leaves: Shows the amount of planned leaves taken by your employee.
  5. Top 5 Claim updates: Shows the claims that has been placed by your reporting employee.


Employee Count By location: Shows the precise location of your employees according to location count.


Top 5 Expenses: Shows the major expenses incurred by your employees when interacting with the probable customer.


The User Driven approach eliminates the need to go and manually check each and every information related to your employees as a user. It eliminates the need to go back and forth every record in order to extract each and every information about the employee who is working under you.


This provides you with a clear picture of the companies top performing employees on a single dashboard and enables you to get each and every detail about your employees, right at a single location.


This eliminates the burden on managers to manually check and filter out the records to extract information that is crucial for them.


Customer Driven approach:

This feature enables you to analyze and check all the relevant information that is related to any customer entering into the system, The input can be either a customer entered as a lead or a probable customer which the salesperson then attends to. This feature eliminates the need to manually check and verify customer records or information to extract every ounce of data from it.


Here are the list of tabs that you will be able to manage


    1. Most Customers added: Shows the details of the employee who have added the most amount of probable customers or leads into the system.
    2. Most Customers Visited: How many customers were visited by the sales people to either pitch sales products or perform follow ups with the probable customers.
    3. Most Customer Deals Started: Shows the aspects related to sales, the amount of opportunities, and pipeline initiation that takes place for a particular probable customer or lead.
  • Most Customer Deals Won: Shows you the details about how many customer deals were successfully completed and converted business for you. 


Top 5 Customer by Order: Shows you the amount of business that customer brings to you by value, shows the top valuable customers either by weekly or monthly or custom date range.


Deals and Pipeline:  This feature shows you all the relevant activities done on your customers in the form of a sales pipeline, How many customers were contacted, how many customers were made proposals, how many of them were won, lost , etc.


Expenses Raised By week: Shows the data about how much expenses were raised by your employees, how much were the expenses to convert the probable lead into a customer.


Team Activity Feed: Shows the details in the form of logs activities done by the team, on the system.


Task Overview: Shows the relevant information related to the task activities done by your team employees. As a manager, you can assign tasks to employees, and they can keep it pending, in progress or partially completed, or fully completed. All of the details about the tasks done by your employees are seen in this easy to understand circular graph.


TeamVise Task Overview: Shows all of the details related to tasks in the form of the team performance.


Tasks ListView: Shows the logs related to task created by the user.


Sales Performance Overview: Shows the details about how your employees sales are doing.


Leads By Source: You can specify the source of the lead and this graph will help you to depict information about it. Sources such as WhatsApp, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Organic, etc can be specified here as the source of the lead


Leads By Status:  Helps you to classify your leads according to status, such as Warm, Hot, Cold, etc.


Leads By Stage: Can enable you to specify the stage of the lead, such as Enquiry, Converted, etc.


Top 5 Upcoming Meetings: Meeting details that are relevant to your leads are shown and informed to you in this section or tab.


Top 5 Past Meetings: This shows you the meetings details that you did in the past.


Top 5 Products Ordered: Which products were popular among your set of customers. These details are mentioned in this tab.


Top 5 Calls By: shows the most important calls done, as per logs. Shows which employee made the most calls

Top 5 Calls To: Shows how many calls were made to a respective customer lead. Shows the details of the calls made to the respective customer.

Bottom 5 Calls By: Shows which employee made the least amount of calls.

Bottom 5 Calls To:  Which leads had the least amount of calls or follow ups.


Dashboard 360 can do so much more for you that enables you to put and take the right decisions for your company or business and scale new heights and possibilities for you to grow and prosper.


This is an essential tool that helps organizations make better decisions and puts them on the right path for managing their business objectives enabling them to do so much more things efficiently, easily and effectively.


Dashboard 360 allows you to get in-detail analytics for all of your roles and responsibilities right from order management, to customer follow up and management as well as the 


Using an efficient software such as Field Force Connect for all the objectives mentioned above is key to proper survival and functioning of your company. 


Lead management and customer management has never been more better and beneficial before. With field force connect get the peace of mind for all your sales activities and tasks. This is an all-round 360-degree solution that helps you top get valuable insights for your customers and leads. So what are you waiting for, contact or book your free demo by contacting us at info@fieldforceconnect.com now and check it out.