Dashboard 360- What are the benefits for various industries.

Companies and industries work a lot of hours in order to gain revenue and perform sales. it is imperative that companies put everything that a girl could have into building businesses for the growth and prosperity of themselves. When the question is about competition, companies and businesses must be sure that they put in their very best efforts so that they can surpass the competition easily and efficiently and ensure your work is done properly and prosperously. 


 Companies are nothing but a group of people working together for a common vision and understanding. In order to ensure that the company employs work towards a unified vision, there can be many Tools and techniques which they can use in order to enhance their productivity and efficiency. One such tool which companies can use is the field force connect dashboard 360 tool. There are numerous benefits and advantages which this dashboard 360 tool provides. This tool is all in one tool that helps companies and organisations get closer to their goals and achievements in the most easiest and efficient way possible.


 Here are the benefits that dashboard 360 has to offer: 


Keep attendance check

 As we already mentioned that companies are a group of people working together for a common vision. There are many tasks and works to be done for decision making managers and employees. Dashboard 360 provides a new innovative way to track the attendance of employees thereby enabling them to perform better at work. With easy punch in and punch out access, employees will be able to record their tasks and things that they do during the day. Decision-making managers and supervisors will easily be able to supervise their employees using the dashboard 360 attendance feature that they have in field force connect.


Keep a check on leads

 For a product or service based company generating revenue can only be done in the form of leads or sales. So sales is an important part of revenue generation for these kinds of Companies.

 When the question is about revenue generation it is important that companies regularly follow up with leads and customers so as to enable maximum business transactions that increases the revenue generation prospect. Dashboard 360 provides a new and innovative way for companies to keep a check on lead. Decision makers and managers will quickly be able to see the top performing lead as well as gain-insights for quick decision making about business generation prospects.


Identify top leads performance

 Identification of top leads becomes an easy task for decision makers and managers or supervisors. Business managers can look forward to gaining valuable insights into business generation and revenue generation using dashboard 360. All of the top performing leads and customers who are bringing more amount of business can be seen with the click of a button on dashboard 360. This has decision makers and managers get all the required information that they want to supplement their business operations and enable revenue generation.


Detailed insights on tasks

When it comes to Management and Organisation of tasks, dashboard 360 allows you to leave no stone unturned. With detailed reports analytics being generated on the dashboard 360 interface you will be able to quickly monitor your important areas that your employees do as well as manage important notifications and do things quickly with maximum efficiency and ease. The tasks that have higher priority can easily be analysed and checked to the dashboard 360 interface. This helps you to gain valuable insights about how the important tasks are being done by your employees. 


Manage sales pipeline efficiently

 Dashboard 360 allows you to efficiently manage your sales pipeline as well as gain valuable insights into sales generation efforts. Within the click of a button you will be able to manage and organise all your sales related data that will help you in decision making for the growth and profitability of the company. Managing sales has never been so easy, now with the introduction of dashboard 360 into field force connect, sales managers will be easily be able to analyse and check sales pipelines for different customers and leads thereby ensuring prompt delivery of work for the company. 



All decision making information provided from single point or source. Dashboard 360 provides a new and innovative way to manage all your important company information as well as organised them for maximum efficiency and accountability. Every company must use dashboard 360 as it provides a host of new benefits and features that help companies accelerate growth and revenue generation prospects.