Lets understand how employees performance can be increased through Field Force Management Software. 

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Disengaged Workers Generate Losses, Not Profits


Labor costs are the number one expense for most businesses, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Disengaged workers cause massive losses in productivity – between 50000 to 100000  Rupees annually.


You’ve Heard it a Thousand Times: Culture Affects Productivity


Businesses that want their companies to prosper should focus their efforts on employee well-being and engagement to improve efficiency. It is also just as vital to look at ways to improve the overall company culture to help make everyone more productive.


Looking to enhance the efficiency of your employees? Check out these tips you can implement today:


1. Consider allowing employees to work from home when practical.


According to FlexJobs, 75% of employees say they’re more productive when they work from home because they have fewer interruptions from their colleagues, less stress due to a commute and a big reduction in office gossip and politics.


2. Consider flexible work schedules with field force management software.


When employees have the opportunity to decide when they work the best (within reason, of course), they’ll generally be more productive. This solution obviously doesn’t work for every type of business, but it’s a good one to consider if practical.


3. Make sure your employees are engaged.


According to the pollsters at Gallup, companies with highly engaged teams see a 41% reduction in absences and a 17% bump in employees performance. They also experience a 10% increase in customer approval and a 20% sales growth.


4. Try to eliminate distractions.


The Chatty Cathys and Super-Social Stevens can really be a hindrance to overall employee efficiency. A noisy office, meeting just for the sake of meeting and excessive, unnecessary emails also contribute to an unproductive environment.


5. Make it easy for employees to communicate with field force management software


Like we said above, email can be a huge time suck. A study by McKinsey found that it wastes nearly 1/3 of employees’ time every day. Use quicker methods of communication such as instant messaging and texting to cut back on the email monster.


6. Set measurable goals.


People do their best work when they know what’s expected of them and when. Be clear in your goal-setting and invest in proper training.


7. Recognize employees.


Everyone likes a pat on the back for a job well done, so be sure you give kudos when they’re deserved. A shout-out in an all-hands meeting for providing stellar customer service is great. A bonus or gift card to a favorite restaurant is even better. Make your employees feel like they matter. Because they do. 8. Invest in professional development.


Millennial have said that this is one of the best benefits a company can offer, and they value it more than vacation time and money. Most of your people want to improve the skills they bring to the company. Let them!


9. Offer a company-wide wellness program.


A United Healthcare survey found that 62% of people who participate in company-wide wellness programs say they’ve noticed improvements in their productivity more than half (56%) of them used fewer sick days as a result.


10. Cut down on the busy work.


50% of workers in a  study said they’re all for automating their busy work when appropriate.


11. Make sure employee working environments are conducive to efficiency.


20% of participants in a Staples survey say their offices are set up in a way that has a negative impact on their ability to efficiently do their jobs.


12. Look for ways to improve company culture.


Eagle Hill Consulting found that 76% of employees say a strong culture has a positive impact on their overall productivity and efficiency.




We have listed down 12 most important tips that will help you to boost your employees performance. We hope you liked this article. If you’re looking for ways to boost your workforce performance, then check out Field Force Connect, the all rounder app to manage your employee jobs and performance. Contact for a free demo at info@fieldforceconnect.com