Lets know, Which is the best app to manage leads for service industry

Query:best app to manage leads

Firstly, often we get asked this question that which is the best app to manage leads. We say that there is not one app that can efficiently manage leads. But the apps that you select tends to have an amalgamation of different and varied features that can help organisations to manage their leads. These leads will be either for their products and services or some things that the company is selling.


Secondly, when you select the app to manage your leads you need to keep the following points in mind. We will discuss what things you should keep note of.


Lets discuss the things that differentiates the best app to manage leads and contacts. These points should be present in every app that you select.

1: Input lead data and management

2: Accessible from anywhere

3: Free demo for software usage

4: Provides task management for different leads

5: Provides analytics dashboard to view lead positions

6: Try out other features such as expense reimbursement


Input lead data and management:


Any lead management software that you select for your organisation must be able to manage and sort out as well as note down all the leads and contacts. This is the primary objective of any lead management software. This forms the most basic operation that the lead management software will be providing to you. Proper lead management as well as organisation is essential for the sales team as this helps in revenue generation. Companies must shriek the paper based processes and embrace the state-of-the-art lead management techniques that these software provides.


Accessible from anywhere:


A good lead management software will always provide you with different interfaces and mediums through which you can access the application. Mostly they provide you with a mobile app that you can use, as well as a web based interface that you can use through the use of a computer internet browser and an internet facility using a PC or a laptop. This is essential as this helps you to carry out the tasks even when there is some problem in the mobile network connections. This does not create any hindrances or obstacles for your work.


Free demo for software usage:


The software that you are going to use always should provide you with a free demo or a time limited trial. This will enable you to try out the software before you buy the software for your personal organisational use. Mostly companies do this with off the shelf software and they provide you with some time to use the software. This helps you to get the feel of the software and you can decide if the software is right for you or not.


Provides task management for different leads:


The software not only provides you with a better lead management interface but also provides you with task management features that you can use effectively. It depicts how a lead can be of use to your company so that they can try out your products and services before they make their decision to buy into your software.


Provides analytics dashboard to view lead positions:


The software is also able to provide you with detailed analytics and dashboards so that you can view the different lead positions and make them move. This is an essential trait that all lead management software is able to provide. As this helps to accurately predict the correct locations of the lead in the sales buying pipeline and make the move through the pipeline effectively. You will be able to get a holistic and a birds eye view of the leads and contacts. Thereby you will be able to make decisions accurately and faster.


Try out other features such as expense reimbursement:


You will also be able to try out the different software’s features such as expense management, expense reimbursement, lead tracker, contact organisation and many more such features.  These are the only things that you can get in bonus when you buy or try out the lead management software. A best example of lead management software is Field Force Connect. This software offers exceptional features that helps you to manage your leads and contacts data.




As mentioned in the above points, lead management is effective when you use a lead management software to help you out with your contacts and leads. If you would like to know how you can effectively manage leads, drop in your requirements at info@fieldforceconnect.com.