Best attendance management system for employees.

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 Employees are an asset to any organization. Therefore it is essential that companies and organizations should properly implement systems that monitor the employee performance as well as provide them with proper resources to do their daily jobs and tasks employee attendance app. 


It is important the every organization implement a form of attendance management and monitoring system for its workforce and employees.


Lets look at the various features that are offered by the attendance management system:


a) Employee attendance app Geo Fence Attendance management

employee atttendance app | what is sales force crm

Geo fence attendance management is a geographical based implementation that records and check your employee location and maps it to the actual location of your office or organization in order to make sure that the employee is physically present in your office space.


This is a fool proof system that is accurately able to analyse the location of your employees using GPS systems. This ensures that employees are physically present in your office spaces to perform work.


B) Task management

employee atttendance app | what is sales force crm

 Task management is an important part of every employee activities that they do during their work day. It is essential that we are able to help the employees manage their daily assignment and work tasks efficiently. Hence we have integrated and implemented an essential tool called as task management employee attendance app.


C) Real-time chat with peers employee attendance app


What if we tell you that there is a technique using which employees can chat with their peer, colleagues and managers or supervisors using advanced technologies. We call it real time chat with peers  employee attendance app feature that is implemented in Field Force Connect.


Using this feature your employees will be able to perform real time chats with all your colleagues and peers. This feature is similar to our daily chat apps such as whatsapp and messenger. Your employees will be able to easily communicate with their managers regarding work related queries.


D) Expense management


If your employees are into sales then it would be beneficial for them to reimburse their travelling expenses. Therefore we have also integrated expense management so that your employees expense related to travel for meeting clients and customers can be reimbursed to them.


This feature is helpful for people who are into sales and management of clients and customers. Especially for a products or a services company who depends on leads and sales generation. This would be a god sent feature for them.


E) Custom forms for data collection


This is beneficial for people who are into sales and data collection from customers. Akin to the point mentioned above. Especially if you are into sales and product management, Your employees will be able to accurately collect customer data because of custom forms feature that we have integrated into Field Force Connect.



You will be able to create custom forms for your client to help in data collection. This process is tailor made for your customers and clients. 


F) Detailed analytics and dashboards


We known how important information is for you and in order for you to derive meaningful and fruitful insights out of it, we provide different metrics and measures which helps you to get different insight into you data


. These metrics are useful for your managers and supervisor that helps them to analyse the employee data and performance. This is an especially useful feature that helps you to overlook your company and its performance with respect to sales and employees that are concerned.




So now you know what goes into making Field force connect, the best attendance management system for your employees. We have listed down the features and benefits of this wonderful app that helps you determine and decide to make that purchase decision for your company.


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