What is SalesForce CRM? 


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Every time I get asked the question, “Which CRM is best for industries such as retail, hospitality, FMCG, and various others?”. If you have a sales force that is driving your business then you must know the various benefits as well as the uses of SalesForce CRM of FieldForceConnect.

SalesForce CRM of FieldForceConnect not only help you to drive your business forward, but it provides you with a more streamlined and flexible approach towards managing your leads and contacts as well as gives you more opportunities to drive sales.


In this article we will discuss What is Salesforce CRM & why your sales force needs a CRM to manage all their customer:


When it comes to managing a business or an organization, it is beneficial that you have a CRM system in place. Especially if you have a business that sells products and services and depend on salesforce or sales people to get clients or customers for your business. Let us take a look at the various features offered by CRM systems.


What are its uses.


What is SalesForce CRM  Solutions

1) Attendance Tracking App Checkin-Checkout update Individual attendance app,Attendance record Time-sheet request & Approval Admin privileges,Holiday report
2) Lead Management App Follow up report Multiple client data Collection Prime concern /Hot Leads Sales report
3) Task Management App Team Task Tracking Online Task Manager Task Planner Assignment of Task
4) Expense Management App Reimbursement Travel expense tracker app Employee flexi-benefits and allowances Expense Claim Report
5) Employee Communication App. Internal communication Team communication Teamwork in the workplace Instant Message Sharing
6) Sales Order App. Sales Target Plan Sales Inventory Management Order Administration Sales Pipeline Management


Robust Customer Relationship management:


a) A CRM system’s basic functionality is to provide users with a robust customer relationship management such that customers are attracted towards it just because of its apt and robust customer service. Managing the relationships with different customers is key towards exceptional revenue generation for the business. Robust customer service is something that every customer aspires to be given for its products and services that were sold to them.


b) This is the very reason why costumes are attracted and promote your products as they want a better and a smooth experience for the products that they have purchased.


c) For a CRM system it is essential to look for solid and robust customer relationship management for your customers. A good example for this is Field Force Connect that helps you to connect well with your customers and serve them better.


SalesForce CRM and Leads Management



a) A CRM system should be able to manage the sales and leads as well as contacts efficiently such that all of the customer data should be visible to the sales representatives or sales force. This helps them to provide better customer service and the resolution of issues and queries as well as the questions are attended to very efficiently and effectively.


b) It is better if this process is automated and integrated into the SalesForce CRM well such that no manual human errors are introduced in the data. As this can become a hindrance to efficient management of the sales or leads data in the system.


Centralized data management in SalesForce CRM


a) This is another important aspect of any well known CRM systems as they make sure that the customers data is stored and processed centrally in a single location.


b) This is important as many sales force or sales people will get faster access to the data and can get prompt information about the customer records and products that they have purchased in the past.


c) This leads to quick and efficient resolution of any queries that customers many have and they can get their answers very promptly and efficiently.


Access from any device and anytime from SalesForce CRM:

employee atttendance app | what is sales force crm

a) This is essential that the customer data is able to be accessed from a central location and it should provide the sales force or sales reps the flexibility to access this data from any location. 

b) The data is present on the central location and is available 24/7 in such a way that sales force only requires a laptop or a computer connected to the internet to access this data. The data is also accessible via offline mediums and can sync with the centralized servers when there is internet connectivity.


24/7 Support


a) A CRM system should be able to provide 24/7 support and assistance to its users and clients in such a way that all the queries should be resolved successfully.


b) Therefore Field Force Connect makes sure that customers can get resolutions to their problems via the support mediums such as Email, telephone, and chat systems that has been provided to them. As a customer you can access our support any time of the day as per your convenience and flexibility.


Free Demo:


a) IN order to make sure that you like our systems, we ensure that you get a free trial or demo for our renowned software Field Force Connect. You can get a hands on experience of all of our features that our software has to offer.


b) So that you can decide to use our software for your business. For information on how you can access Field Force Connect, contact us at info@fieldforceconnect.com with your requirements.You can get a free demo to understand the product.