What is Leave Management System:


Firstly, a leave management system is a system that  is to manage all employees leaves. The system manages the leaves that is taken by the employees. Leaves are important for an employee. Therefore, leaves are essential to be taken as and when needed.  In this article we will discuss the importance of the leave management system. How to choose one for your organisation.

Leave management can be of immense help to your employee management system. it takes care of all the formalities for leaves and holidays.

Why Leave Management System is important?


Although, some employees  want to keep employees at work at all times, they require their fair share of time-off to rest as well at recuperate. An over worked employee can be an unproductive one. If they do not get their share of rests then it can often lead to inefficiencies during work. Leave management is the process of managing all the employees leaves in a fair, accurate and efficient way.  The responsibilities of handling all the leaves lies in the hands of the supervisors, HR staff, and the workforce  management staff.

Every company must implement a centralized and software based leave management system for your organization.

Features of a Leave Management System


In this able to automate the leave request process. It also makes the process hassle free for both the employees and the management.  The Leave Management System that you are going to implement should be robust enough to seamlessly handle all requests. Application approval, rejection, filing leaves,  managing leaves balance and analysis are some of the objectives of this system.

There are many features that are essential for a leave management system. Some good softwares will have management of leaves, holidays, half days, overtime and so on will be the features offered by them.

A good leave management system will have the following functionalities.


All-in-one Dashboard:


Employees will be able to view their leaves balance, and check their co workers days off. All of this while applying for a leave. Supervisors as well as employees HR staff will have access to employees leave balance, holiday list, department schedule,  as well as workforce coverage in order to evaluate the leaves requests better.

The dashboard provides the ability to provide a holistic and a birds eye view about all of your leaves, paid and non paid as well as holidays that your employees can take.

 Configurable Fields (Leave Type, Policy, Holiday List)


Policies and the procedures of processes vary from one organization to another. A stringent and user friendly leave management system with ‘one size fits all mantra’ may not always suit your needs. You need to look for a product that lets your staff customize the fields to fit your organization’s policies.

There are some fields that are easily customizable and configurable, such as holiday list, amount of paid leaves, etc.

Lead Management System is Cloud-Based


A cloud-based online system will not only offer multi-channel, on-the-go access, but also remove any of the hassles like software installations and updates. Your employees will be easily able to apply, approve, or reject leave requests from anywhere at any time.

The system is centralized and is easily accessible from any location. All you need is a computer or a smartphone with an internet or data connection.

Auto-Update Leave Balance


Purchasing a leave management software is useless only if your HR staff has to manually compute and update the leave balance of your employees manually. Your attendance management system must also be able to track the leave history of all employees and display it to both employees and their managers or supervisors.

There is also an auto update feature that helps to you keep tracks of all your leaves and holidays and the balance that remains.

Customizable Approval Workflow


You must be also be able to create customizable workflows and set up a department-wise hierarchy to ensure a streamlined process. Once an employee selects his/her department, the pre-defined workflow must auto-populate.

 The system is also departmental and customizable as per the requirements of the organization or company.

Seamless Integration


Legacy software can be old and archaic, outdated, and it is known to create creates data silos that promotes isolation for one another processes. A product that offers seamless integration with your other HR Management Softwares for payroll, timesheet management, etc. will save time, eliminate silos, and enable cross-functional reporting.

The system also supports easy and friendly integration with legacy based systems that helps communication between systems to be easy.

At-a-Glance Reporting


Your product should include a built-in reporting module that creates interactive reports based on the acquired data. With employee-wise and company-wide reports, organizations can easily analyse patterns and acquire actionable insights.

These systems also help to prepare reports with customized fields and charts that helps top management make decisions faster and easier. It also removes the complexity involved in creating such type of reports and presentations.

Benefits of leave management system


It is an all-in-one platform that handles all employee vacation requests while ensuring smooth functioning of their operations. Here’s what a robust leave management software does for you:

1) Eliminates paperwork

2) Removes manual interventions

3) Improves communication

4) Offers real-time visibility of data

5) Ensures legal compliance

6) Reflects your organization’s values

7) Easy to use and Manage

8) Accessible from anywhere and any time



So now you know the importance of leave management systems. It is essential that your organisation adopts a well engineered and customer friendly leave management systems. The company must also provide appropriate demonstrations of their suite of software systems for the organisation to evaluate and find out if the system suits them. If you want to find out more about Leave Management Systems then do contact us at info@fieldforceconnect.com. You can click here for a Demo