Field Force Connect: Best app for internal communication

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If you run a company, you would know how important it is for internal communication. Communication is key towards expressing your thoughts and views about a particular topic.

When it comes to internal communication, it has been established that employees still hesitate to put forward their thoughts and viewpoints towards their peers and colleagues.

This is a hindrance for success in your daily jobs and tasks that you do during the day. 

Here in this article we will discuss why Field Force Connect is the best app for your internal company communication. We will discuss what are the various features that sets apart this app and how it can be beneficial to you for using this app in your work environment.

Employees are the backbone of any organization, they help to run the company and organization smoothly.

Internal communication plays an important and integral role in the organization, as it helps in broadcasting or passing important information that helps to do the work. So it is important for employees to make sure that they are able to freely and openly communicate with their peers, managers and colleagues.

In such cases, Field Force Connect can help you and your organization’s employees to communicate effectively, efficiently and better.

Lets have a look at the various features of field force connect.

Real time chat with employees:

When you use field force service management app, you get the ability to realtime chat with your employees, peers and colleagues in a better way.

The way this works is that you install an app and you communicate with your people just the way instant messaging apps work like skype, whatsapp, messenger and others.


field force service management app Integrated chat with employees:

We also provide a group messaging that is geared towards sending the same message to multiple people in your contact list. This works effectively sending the message that you want to communicate to get the word across to your peers and colleagues.


Access from anywhere and anytime:

You can use the field force connect app for your internal communication of company employees whenever you like at your convenience .field force service management app.

We provide you with the ability to communicate essential information even when you have connectivity problems with your device. You can also access field force connect and all your data using our web interface and stay in touch with every piece of information that you want to put across to your peers and colleagues.


Manage your contacts easily field force service management app:

We have inbuilt the feature of auto filling of contacts. This allows you to minimize human error or inconsistencies that comes with typing the data manually into the system. This allows you to easily sync your phone contacts with the system and keep its data up-to-date as you want it to be.


24/7 support

Issues may occur in the software based system, which is why we provide you with full 24/7 customer support. You can use this support system at your convenience at any time that you prefer and is favorable for you. 

You can make use of our Email, Telephone and Chat support to solve your queries and issues that you might have when using our field force connect software.


Free Demo

In order to use our software, we provide to you a free demo or a time limited trial in which you can try out our software completely for free without any charges.

You will get the hands on experience in making sure that this software is right for your organization. Contact us for a free demo at with your requirements.