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Employees are an asset to any organization or company. It is the employees who drive the company or organization forwards and lead the company towards success. Because employees are the driving force of the company, it is essential that you regularly monitor and motivate them to put their best efforts and best foot forward to do their daily tasks and jobs.

Hence in this digital age, it becomes paramount to monitor the performance and jobs that are done by employees. This is for their own benefit of doing productive work for the company and hence lead the company towards their common goal of growth and success for the company.


In this article we will discuss how you can monitor your employees for the betterment of the company as well as for themselves through some easy to do tasks and some work management tweaks and organization of these.


Employees attendance software


 As employees are essential to manage the work of the organization, there are some things that you can do to monitor the employees. You need to do this without letting the employees know that they are being monitored and their daily tasks recorded, so that they can be as honest and frank towards their work as possible.

In my opinion the best employee monitoring software is that one which provides innumerable features and options to the customer in order to monitor their employees tasks and jobs.

Systems such as field force connect helps companies to monitor their employees jobs and tasks easily and efficiently.

Here are some of the features and benefits that you can get when you use an employee attendance and task monitoring system.


Easy to use employee task management Employees attendance software:


The daily tasks that are done by employees need to be recorded and assessed so that they can do their jobs perfectly and in goodwill for the company or organization that they are working for.

The employee monitoring software provides an easy to use as well as simple to understand and customer friendly user interface that is easy for the owners to use and implement. It also provides a rugged and robust task management system that can be much useful for business owners and entrepreneurs to monitor the employees daily tasks and jobs effectively and efficiently.


GeoFence based employee location tracking 


Whenever an employee comes into the office to perform work, it should be able to record the employee’s Geofence location such that employees can record their punch in and punch out timings for the workday. Software Systems such as field force connect enables employees to do just this.

It records the employee’s exact location based on GPS and geofencing techniques to determine if the employee is indeed in the office premises in order to perform their daily jobs. This is a fool proof technique to assess the employee’s attendance such that they are not able to spoof their presence in the office even when the employees are not physically present in the office premises.


Robust employee communication system Employees attendance software


Employee management Software systems like field force connect also provides a rugged and robust Employee attendance software employee communication system in place for the employees to easily talk with their colleagues, managers, and supervisors. These communication systems work in real-time that is similar to instant messaging systems such as Whatsapp and messenger.

Using such systems, employees are in a better position to easily talk and converse with their teammates and colleagues. This provides them with the opportunity to stay current and updated with the latest happenings related to their work and job details.


Access from anywhere and anytime


Software systems such as field force connect recognize the need to be able to access employee’s important information and data whenever they need them. Hence they provide systems that are 99.99% up all the time so that work can be done without any interruption or obstruction. 

These employee monitoring and attendance systems can be accessed through any smartphone using the mobile app or through a web browser and mobile device system such as a laptop or desktop that is connected to the internet. Thus Field Force Connect is an Employee Time Tracking App that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.


24/7 Support

These employee monitoring systems also provide 24/7 support to their customers and clients such that if any issue arises then it can be sorted out and solved through their support systems. These systems provide you with unlimited access to telephone, email, and chat-based support systems that you can make use of when you need it.

Free Demo

These employee monitoring systems also provide you with time-limited access to the entire functionality of their employee tracking system for free.

Using this feature you can get a feel of how the system works and operates to monitor and assess your employee productivity and performance. You can simply contact field force connect at their email info@fieldforceconnect.com for any requirements or questions.