In the world of technology we have have many numerous advantages that mankind has taken. But did you know that there is an evolution in the way technology works. In today’s topic we are going to discuss how GPS and GPRS works, what is the difference and what makes them better from each other. We will also discuss the inner workings of this technology that we take for granted.


What is GPS and GPRS?


The GPS and GPRS seems to be similar terms that can be used interchangeably but are absolutely different in the true sense. The major difference between GPS and GPRS is that GPS is a satellite based navigation system while GPRS is a cellular based technology that provides data services.


GPS facilitates a variety of different applications such as satellite operation, surveying and mapping, power grid, telecom, intelligent vehicles, precision agriculture and so on. On the other hand GPRS is able to render applications such as Email accessing, multimedia messaging, video calling and so on.






GPS stands for Global Positioning system.

GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service.

The main purpose of GPS is that it provides positioning services

The purpose of GPRS is that it provides voice and data services over cellular networks

There are many different applications of GPS such navigation, surveying, mapping, GIS and so on.

The main applications of GPRS is email accessing, voice calling, video calling, data services such as internet browsing, multimedia messaging and so on.

GPS communicates with a collection of satellites that orbit the earth.

GPRS communicates with a terrestrial tower

The number of stations that are required are 3 or more

The number of stations required is 1

GPS can be used anywhere, on the land, in the sky or in the sea

GPRS is very limited in range and can only be used on the land

The overall cost of managing the GPS system is expensive

The overall cost of managing the GPRS network is cheap and economical.



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So when you are using tracking software in mobile phones, or are browsing maps in the latest google maps application, all these applications make use of GPS or Global Positioning System.


GPS uses man made satellites that are orbiting the earth to accurately determine the position of any object, living or non living on the earth. The GPS network is made up of a constellation of 24 satellites that are orbiting the atmosphere of the earth, there are some extra satellites for backup purposes.


GPS is the most accurate satellite based tracking system that is available to man. There are many different applications that GPS provides, and is heavily used in military, defence purposes and even in cellular based positioning operations that are now available as GPS in all smartphones or mobile phones.


If you are ordering from online shopping stores, chances are that it has used GPS to guide the operator who is shipping a parcel to your doorstep.


GPRS on the other hand is the most popular second generation cellular system that provides high data rate services. GPRS is also known as 2.5 generations of mobile and telecommunication and is enhanced version of the 2G GSM network.


GPRS implements the concept of packet switching for allowing the data services to be sent and received across the network  while GSM uses circuit switching.




If you are using a smartphone and want to navigate through a city, chances are that you will be using the GPS system to accurately position yourself while you find your way through the use of Google Maps.


This app uses the phones GPS connection through your data services to accurately locate your position on the map that is displayed on the phone.


If you are using email communication on your phone, when you are travelling or doing a video call with your friend or relative, there are high chances that you are using GPRS data services through the mobile network.


Although with the advent of technology GPRS has now become obsolete and is succeeding with 4G and 5G data connection services.




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