We will Discuss the difference between Project Management and Task Management.



In this article, we are going to discuss the major difference between Task Management and Project Management ( Project Management VS Task Management). This blog will shed some light on the major similarities between the two terms. What software should you use for both these terms?


Organizations have various requirements and needs. In order to fulfill these requirements or needs, they turn towards readily available software. They can also develop software in house for their needs. Before you make a decision to get a particular software, you need to find out what exactly do you mean when it comes to project management or task management. How are these two interrelated with each other and what sets them apart? What are their similarities?


What is Project Management?


Firstly, project management is the overall management and fulfillment of all project-related tasks and goals. Project management is the super-set of Task management.  It defines the overall structure of how a project should go about. It can be either a small project or a big project. Project management provides a birds-eye view or a holistic view of any project small or huge.


It includes various charts that define the status of the project. The milestones that is to be achieved or have already achieved. It has various metrics and key performance indicators that dictate the success rate of the project. How it is going about.


The project manager manages the project. The Project manager is the person who looks after the health and well being of any project. Project management is a valuable tool for organizations. It helps them to guide the project towards the successful completion of the project.


Project management software is far more encompassing for users. It tends to have task management capabilities in addition to estimated and actual team member efforts, resource management and various other dependencies.

Project management software can easily become overwhelming for people who are looking for a checklist management solution. (Also known as task management software.)


What is Task Management?


Task management is a subset of project management. It defines all the different activities that are carried out to manage a task successfully. Project management can include one or more different tasks. Tasks management helps to carry out the projects successfully.


It also includes various parameters such as task assign date, status, completion percentage, various milestones to be achieved, responsible stakeholders, and so on.


Task management helps to carry out successful tasks with ease and helps them to guide these tasks towards successful completion. An organization can have various different tasks for different employees and managers. Managers get to view the tasks done by employees and supervise them.


Task management helps organizations to monitor their tasks on a daily basis, it shows the various metrics with respect to the task and the status of completion for the task. Task management software aims to provide individual solutions to specific tasks.


The software should also provide users with the ability to name and categorize your tasks. It should also offer the ability to tweak task commencement and completion dates.



Project Management VS Task Management


Project Management

Task Management

Project Management is a superset of Task management

Task management is a Sub-Set of Project Management

Project Management involves a Project manager

Task management can be monitored by the individual or project manager

Project management shows a holistic view of project that is managed under it

Tasks management shows the status of the tasks under it as well as the current report of the tasks.

Project management involves metrics that show the performance of the project under management

Task Management also has different metrics with respect to viewing the task status and its various reports.

Project management can include one or more task management objectives

Task management will involve only a single task that is under monitoring

There are various project management software that helps with project management

Task management can be done either through a mobile app or can be as simple as maintaining a checklist for monitoring

The best free software for Project management can be just a Google search away.

Task management can be done by apps such as Field Force Connect.

Projects management involves management of projects that have a clear start and end 

Task management compared to project management are a single unit of work

Project management is a coordination of individual tasks

Task management is the coordination of individual sub-tasks. These tasks also have a clear start and end.








Finally, so now you know the difference between project management and task management. If you liked this blog do check out our other blogs as well. For the management of projects and tasks, you need an efficient software such as Field Force Connect.