lets understand today about crm for small business and how  it can help pharma industry.

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Firstly, A CRM for small business system can be a boon or a blessing for companies that are into selling of products and services. Particularly, and especially pharmaceutical companies that research and verify potential life saving drugs and medicines.


Because such an important role that is played by CRM systems in order to organise customer data, manage customer relationships, locate the customer buying cycle in the sales pipeline, etc.


These are some of the important objectives that CRM for small business have been able to help companies with and provide some wonderful benefits.


Here in this article we will have a look at some of the features that CRM systems should have in order to qualify as the best CRM system for pharmaceutical companies.


Task management crm for small or big pharma business:


Pharmaceutical companies have a lot of tasks as a part of their regular employees jobs. 


From surveillance, to testing and to research and verification. These are some of the tasks that are handled by pharma employees. Wouldn’t it be good if there would exist some way to organise and prioritise these tasks.


A good crm for small business will help its employees to easily manage and organize their work data and help in completing the tasks and milestones.  Tasks organization and management helps to complete work and gets all the information sorted out.


This helps you to manage and perform tasks with ease and with utmost efficiency.


Roster management for pharma:


Everyone knows that pharma companies also operate in shifts or regular rotations. Would it be nice on the software part to include specific roster capabilities for employees in order to assign and provide work on demand.


This will help the employees to know in advance their daily jobs and tasks that they have in hand and accordingly report for the job duties.


Management and organization of roster activities will help the pharma companies perform their job duties in a much better and efficient manner.


This will boost productivity and help complete important tasks at a priority level and professional level.


Customer management for pharma:


As we all know that there are a lot of customers for pharma companies. Many companies offload their processing facility under stringent contract basis to different pharma companies.


what is modern trade.

Therefore it is crucial and important for pharma companies to carefully handle these contracts and be in good relations with their customers and clients. This is especially important if you have a large customer base who depends on your manufacturing abilities for pharmaceutical products.


This is where a crm for small business comes into play. CRM system not only handles your customers relations with ease but also maintains long term relationships with them. Thus they become your loyal customers that only provide you with more work as and when they need them or require them to do so.


Detailed analytics and dashboards


A CRM system needs to provide you with detailed analytics and dashboards. Different metrics and measures are used to assess performance and productivity efforts.


A CRM system that helps to manage the data and helps the company to process their data is indeed a good CRM system. Normally a CRM system will help you achieve your goals easily, hence it becomes very essential for pharma companies to evaluate and use a CRM solution.


As they provide you with a number of multitude benefits for your organisation and your business.


24/7 support:


CRM systems are after all a software product. Therefore when it comes to any software product, there are things that can cause issues or troubles with its operations.


In such cases it is essential that the vendor provides adequate support to its clients and customers. The support can be in the form of email, telephone or chat processes.


A good crm for small business will  help its clients verify the issue and fix it if any problems occur when it is being used. This prevents any loss of data or information that could cause more troubles to come.


Free Demo or trial version:


Any good CRM system must be able to provide a decent evaluation time for assessing the features and functionality  that it provides. This is essential as it allows customers to check the software and have a look and feel for the functionality that it gives.


You can then be able to decide if the software is a right fit for your company or not. This is also true for pharma companies. Hence evaluation of a trial version or demo software will always be a good decision for the ones looking to purchase a full fledged CRM product.




We have shared with you all the different qualities that set CRM systems apart. These features helps you to decide which crm system is best for you.


If you would like to know more about our CRM offerings do check out Field Force Connect, the all in one solution for all your CRM needs. Simply contact us at info@fieldforceconnect.com.

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