Lets understand about CRM for FMCG industry.

Query: CRM for FMCG industry


Often I get asked this question, how can I select the best CRM system for my FMCG organization. I tell him that your organization is full of tasks and milestones and logistics work.

You need to understand, what functions do you require the CRM system to handle, and what kind of processing do you need for your data.

You need a CRM system that will adhere to the following points which we will be discussing in this article.  AS CRM systems prosper and grow these functionalities become essential for daily and day to day operations.

A CRM system can easily be of utmost importance to your industry especially if you are into services and products based for your customers.

Lets have a look at what features sets apart major CRM systems that can be used for the FMCG industry:


Task Management for FMCG:


This is the most important and major functionality that needs to be offered in CRM systems. Some systems offer this functionality and others offer only a subset of this feature.


When choosing a particular CRM for the FMCG industry, always make sure that you have this functionality. As we all know the amount of tasks that FMCG employees carries out during the day is enormous and plentiful.

As we all know FMCG industry is riddled with many kinds of tasks for employees, therefore it will be beneficial if you use a task management system for your employees in order to ease their jobs.

It could be of ease to him or her if their tasks management and assignment can be carried out in an easy and efficient manner. So look out for this feature in you CRM system whenever you are selecting one for your FMCG business.

Task management can help perform your task related and job related activities with ease. The constant sub sectioning of tasks helps you to achieve smaller tasks with ease and thus makes it easy to note the milestones down. Easy sharing can be done with your managers and your peers.

Roster Management for FMCG:


Roster is the self rotation or shifts that occur as a part of the daily and day to day job tasks for employees.

As we know that FMCG employees have to carry out numerous tasks during the day it is essential if the system  can self assign and manage the roster schedule for the employees as a part of their daily assignment.

Because the employees working in the FMCG industry operate under regular shifts or rosters, it will be beneficial to also have a roster management system in place.

It would be great if the CRM system provides and manages the roster schedule of employees. So have a keen lookout for this feature when  you are selecting your CRM system.

If a company operates its employees in shifts that the roster management could be of great help to them.

Expenditure management for FMCG:


As we know that expenditure management is essential for any organization, this makes it a viable point that CRM systems need to provide this ability in their management systems.


If any how expenditure management can be organized, it will truly benefit the industry. Hence we have provided the feature of expenditure management in the Field Force Connect app.

This is an essential feature as employees need to travel outside to meet clients and customers and take orders and manage their day.

Managing your daily companies expenses is an art of proper budgeting and scheduling. Expense management can help you to cut down unnecessary expenses and save money for your business.

Therefore if CRM systems provide expenditure management, this can be the icing on the cake for your company. We all know that employees of this industry travel a lot to workplaces and places of customers and clients.


This needs to be taken care of by the CRM system.


Customer management:

A CRM system should offer robust customer management services for the company or organization it is being used in. Therefore check out the reviews and testimonials before selecting a particular CRM system.

Customers are key to your success. This is especially true for the FMCG industry. Hence proper customer relationship management is crucial for success. We have integrated customer and sales management in the Field Force Connect app.

Robust and rugged customer service and relationship management is key to an efficient and effective CRM system. Make sure that you do not skip out on this feature.

The Field Force Connect app will help you to manage your customers and lead data very efficiently and organize them properly.

Detailed Analytics and Dashboards:


For CRM systems to be successful, it should be able to support and provide various metrics and KPIs for the organization.


In this case, the system should provide a holistic view of the data in order to derive meaningful insights and to enable quick decision making.

Having the ability to organize data and derive meaningful information out of it is key. Hence we have provided various metrics to help you project where your company is headed.



This is a key feature that helps the upper management or top management to forecast the future operations of the company or organization.


An example of this is Field Force Connect, the crm system that is used by every sector to enable better customer relationship management and service delivery for the organization.


24/7 Support:


This is an essential element to make sure that the systems are running smoothly and without any hindrances. Support makes sure that all your problems and queries are solved with expert solutions.

If you run into any issues, your vendor or company must be able to solve it, hence we provide rugged and robust support systems to help you out of your issues.


The support can be in form of quick telephone interactions or through emails or chat systems. Make sure that your vendor provides this and be rest assured that your system is on its way to deliver progress and upliftment for your company.


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Free Demo:


This is essential for making sure that your company management gets a feel of the software and its operations. Therefore ensure that your vendor allows you to get a free demo or trial period for the CRM system you want to use.




We have discussed the various features th2at you need to look out for. If you want to get more information simply contact us at info@fieldforceconnect.com.

For the product demo, simply contact us with your requirements, and get the stability and success that you were looking for. Use Field Force Connect now.