Best CRM For Small Business

Ever heard of the term CRM. You must have when you deal with customers and sales for your products. This term is very important when it comes to managing customers and their relationships with you. You have to make sure that you serve your customers well. In order to do this, you should have best CRM for small business.

If you are into small business or retail business then you need to ensure that your customers are served properly and fulfilling. You need to ensure that your customers for your small business are served well. Their satisfaction rate should be very high. When you have a CRM system in place there are several benefits which you will get when it comes to customer management and satisfaction.


Features Of CRM For Small Business
1) Solid Customer Relationship Management
2) Leads and Sales Management
3) Expense and Logistics Management
4) Task Management
5) Centralized Data Management
6) Access from anywhere at anytime from any device


Solid Customer relationship management:

This is first and foremost the most important benefit that you will see when you setup and use a CRM to manage your small business customers. Your relationships with customers will be heavily improved and subtle.

You will form a strong and long lasting bond with your customers. As the service provided to them becomes great. You will be able to take care of all your customers well and they in turn will  use this chance to promote your business to their friends and family members.

As all of your customer data will reside in a centralized database stored in the cloud, your sales reps will be able to access all of your customer data and history that enables them to serve your customers better and provide a high customer satisfaction rate to your customers.


Leads and Sales management


Managing your customers and leads has never been so easy. With the help of a rugged and a robust CRM in place. You will be able to have a holistic view of all your customer relationships and dealing with your customers in a centralized approach.

This will provide you the ability to better manage your sales and leads which in turn will increase your chances of success and as well as increase your company profitability. A CRM is a one time investment where your money works for you till an indefinite amount of time.

Until you make use of your CRM system, your profitability chances keeps on rising. Through efficient management of leads and contacts, your business grows and expands in terms of the quality of services being provided to your customers.


Expense and Logistics management  


When it comes to small business, expense and logistics are the foremost categories of objectives that are better handled with the CRM system in place.

When you incur expenses when you supply goods and products to your customers or shipment, you employees need a way to reimburse the expenses that they borned in shipping your goods to your customers.

Through a robust and stern expense management platform provided by the CRM system, your employees can easily reimburse their expenses and get them paid back, so that you ease the process of managing your logistics and shipment costs and expenses.


Task and Job management

Retail and small business industries have a lot of tasks and jobs ahead of them. So in order to streamline the process of tasks and jobs that your employees do, get them to use a full fledged task management system for all their activities.

When your employees or staff members use a job management or task management system, they get to minimize the chances of human errors and inconsistencies in their task thus increasing their chances of success at the job in hand.

With an easy to access milestone based approach, your employees can complete small goals related to their tasks and responsibilities as well as take baby steps towards the completion of their daily tasks successfully.


Centralized data management

best crm for small business

 Using a CRM system like Field Force Connect, you can manage all of your customer and client data centrally and get a holistic view of all of your customer data.

Having a central repository helps you to locate and take action on the data when it is required. So we have designed Field Force Connect to be customer friendly as possible as this helps in improving customer relationships.

Apply a centralized approach towards your customers and provide them the satisfaction that they desire from you.



Access from anywhere and any device

 In order to provide you the access that is best for your business, we provide you with 24/7 access to your customer relationship data. You can access Field Force Connect from anywhere and at any time that you require. All you need is an internet connection for your device and a web browser to access the interface.




So you see that there are multiple benefits towards using a CRM system for your small business operations. We have listed down the best features that highlight the CRM system to be apt for your business to help you take your business forward and to the next level.If you want a free demo of Field Force Connect, kindly contact us at with  your requirements.